Thank you for your interest in Lovie Byrd Design.

About the owner:
In my pre-Lovie Byrd life, I was employed in the nonprofit field, from fundraising to corporate sponsorship to event planning to communications.  Now, in addition to my role as mom to a toddler, developing my designs has been a creative outlet. 

About the company:
I decided to start Lovie Byrd Design after so many family and friends kept telling me how much they loved the items I crafted by hand.  Many said, "You should go into business," and so I have. 

Lovie Byrd is named for my daughter, who I call many terms of endearment, including "Lovie" or "Byrd".  When I was toying with the idea for a company name, I thought, "Why not name it after my sweet little baby girl?"  And Lovie Byrd was born.

I hope you will enjoy welcoming a little bit of my Lovie Byrd into your home.

Email: loviebyrddesign@gmail.com

Hours: We greatly appreciate your support!  Inquiries will be responded to in the evening hours and intermently throughout the day, as the baby allows. We are on Eastern time.